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Computerization testing or Test Automation is a procedure of robotizing the manual procedure to test the application/framework under test. Robotization testing includes the utilization of a different testing apparatus which gives you a chance to make test contents which can be executed over and again and doesn't require any manual intercession.

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Automation Testing means some automation tool used to execute test case suite .
Manual Testing needs 100% manual efforts. Manual testing increase the release time-line when we need to perform regression cycle.

Automation testing can completely eliminate the human involvement in following activities:

1. Smoke Test suite execution as soon as new build is deployed
2. Reporting defects in Defects system for the issues encountered
3. Test case and test cycle creation
4 Regression suite execution
5. Cross browser test case execution.

Goal of automation testing is to remove the human efforts required to perform regression testing or in other words task which QA team perform repeatedly.

Test automation need expert automation engineers. You can contact to any Software testing company which provide test automation services. This will help you to get robust automation framework for your application.


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Automation Testing


Hello buddy,

For software organizations, automation software testing is a great solution for minimizing operational charges. With automation, organizations can save much because they no longer require hiring people to do manual testing.

Likewise, this test is seen by software company owners as a way to help its developers save time and energy on doing their tasks, therefore, they can be efficient.Test automation concerns to the usage of applications in managing the execution of various testing conducted in a particular software program.

A test case is a term utilized to refer to the tests, which must run the software to analyze its potential. The purpose here is to evaluate the new plans by comparison of its actual outcome against the planned output.You may wonder why there is a necessary to test software products.

For the part of the organization, the reason behind conducting various tests is quality assurance. They propose to offer customers the best products considering tight competition in the market today. It is a fact that consumers do have a wide selection of which software products to buy these days.

Thus, quality is an imperative here. Satisfying the need for end users is a great move to get the significant market share. It has to be noted that with quality products, chances of getting increased sales is within reach as well.


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