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What Is A Test Status Report and What does It Consist Of ?

Where test progress tracking is about collecting in detail test data, there reporting test status is about successfully conveying our findings to other venture stakeholders.

Test status reporting is regularly about illuminating and influencing the stakeholders regarding the test outcomes. This includes examining the information and metrics accessible to bolster conclusions, suggestions, and choices about how to lead the project forward.

The IEEE 829 Standard Test Summary Report Template gives a helpful guideline about such report. You may likewise examine about the critical events (particularly troublesome ones) that happened amid the testing process, the objectives of testing and whether they were accomplished, the test strategy took after and how well it functioned, and the general effectiveness of the testing effort.

A sample test summary report template would consist of the following fields:

Test summary report identifier





Summary of results

Detailed assessment

Summary of activities

As an example: In the event that you are carrying out risk based testing, the fundamental test objective is to subject the vital product risks to the proper degree of testing. Look out for a chart that would enable you to report your test scope and unsolved defects against the fundamental product risk territories you recognized amid risk analysis. On the off chance that you are carrying out requirements focused testing, you could gauge coverage in terms of requirements or functional zones rather than risks. In case of some projects, the test team must prepare a test summary report. Such a report, made either at a key milestone stage or towards the finish of a test level, depicts the results of a given level or phase of testing.

On the off chance that we take into consideration a software testing status report, it could be on a daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly basis, contingent upon the team who is in charge of tracking the work status of the testing team. In case of a critical development project, testers execute all the test cases doled out to them and create the QA report every day which will be shared with the Project manager and the Build team. Again every day work can be summed up to get the week after week status report which can be shared with the QA (Quality Assurance) team, BA (Business Analyst) team, Build team and the Project manager, if necessary.

Software Testing Status Report is critical to screen the status of the project progress and status. It assists the project management to track its target accomplishment and guides them whether the project is being executed in a smooth manner or not, if not then required action ought to be taken with specific team delaying the project deliverables.

In the IT industry, maintaining the work status on daily, weekly and monthly premise is essential amongst different teams and roles.

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A test status report forms a very important part of the testing process. In fact, it depicts the outcomes of the tests executed. Over here, we will see a few aspects related to test status report.

Where test progress tracking is about collecting in detail test data, there reporting test status is about successfully conveying our findings to other venture stakeholders.


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