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To get a job in Software Testing How much of Selenium Webdriver should anyone know?

How much of Selenium Webdriver should anyone know to get a job?

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First of all it is good to know selenium webdriver.(.net, java But to get a job in Software testing (at least in my country) it is not important
I have 17 years of experience in automation so this is my advice if you want to survive as a technical tester (even as a starter) and become a senior you need to understand the total process of your customer/employer. Besides that learn istqb, try to be communicative as possible and understand the culture differences if you work together with developers/business analists testers from different countries. Depending on the role given (and you like the technical part) you can implement very good frameworks in .net/java etc. (so have some basic background in programming, selenium is an add-on but not required)


However this depends on the requirement of different software testing companies, but you should be having knowledge of the following to brighten your chances of getting into a testing company:

- What is Selenium webdriver
- How to install it on different OS
- What can be automated using Selenium and what can not be automated
- Benefits and limitations of selenium webdriver
- Knowledge of at least one programming language e.g. Java, C# etc.
- To write at least a simple script using selenium webdriver (a simple login script would work)
- Types of automation frameworks using selenium webdriver
- Types of locators in selenium webdriver
- Types of Drivers available in Selenium webdriver



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