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What do you mean by a test environment?

A testing environment is nothing but a setup of hardware and software requirements for the testing teams to run the test cases. As such, it provides support for test execution with software, hardware and network arranged.

A test environment or test bed is arranged according to the requirement of the Application Under Test. In few cases, a test bed could be the blend of the test environment and the test data it uses.


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A testing environment is a setup of software and hardware on which the testing team is going to perform the software testing of the newly built software product. This setup consists of the physical setup which includes hardware, and logical setup that includes Server Operating system, client operating system, database server, front end running environment, browser (if web application), IIS (version on server side) or any other software components required to run this software product. This testing setup is to be built on both the ends – i.e. the server and client.

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