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How to do testing effectively apart from the given requirements?

How to do testing effectively apart from the given requirements

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HI Priyavarshini.M

Documents & FRS is a way to test the app by test, apart from that the following shall be useful points.

1. Apart from requirements, mainly use the possible manual testing methods to get the better testing approach.

2. We can make check list of things which can be required for basic and routine check ups for any web app or mobile app.

3. Some domain specific logical rules which can be useful for testing. for eg(eCommerce > invoice generation process till order completion).

4. keep good habit of creating mock ups and suggest it and make it approve too so that might not/less occur UI issues.

5. Always keep habit of using separate testing environment than development or local setups.

6. Try to use as much as possible matching & open source automation tools. it will help you to automate maximum scenarios and make testing more accurate.

7. Use graphical representation(graphs, pie charts and bar graphs) in your test reporting which can help team meats and other upper management to get to know the exact test health of project in minimum time & user friendly way.

8. This point should be at top, but still "Before starting any project at least know the basic flow of it or know the concept of project", so that it gives you better focus on areas where to concentrate more and catch the bugs.

This points are good have in mind and then look at the FRS to know how the product is building?





1. It depends upon time you have for testing but if time allows you can go through the competitors website/application and  can explore what additional features they have implemented. Accordingly you can present those to your client as suggestions. 

2. Some time while reviewing requirements and drafting scenarios we think on technical side mostly , its good approach to think like end user who will be going to use the application. The end audience can be from specific age group, demographic area etc. you can think and test scenarios bases on that.

3. Regression testing is always important also test the recent prod defect fixes to make sure no defect leakage.

4. Do bug bash in your team or cross team. Talk to your team lead/manager and plan this activity 1-2 hours. Everyone from your team and other team (if possible ) can do exploratory testing and can find good defects as each individual will test this application in his own way.

5. Cross platform testing: Very crucial these days. Test application on latest browsers (in case of web application)/ latest Os (desktop and mobile app). You can also take help from your marketing team if they have implemented the tools like google analytics to get the stats of browsers and OS which end user use to access the application. Then you can focus on the top most browsers/Os for testing.

6. If you want to provide test automation services then this need skills to implement, so don’t make hurry on these. First select any good tool as per your application (web/desktop) and then enquire knowledge of it. Try on your application and if it make sense then implement it and showcase the benefit to your client. 


There are so many manual methods as well as tools. Can you let us know what kind of application you have ?

Web Application

Try to get domain knowledge, for which you are testing the application.


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