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Please share with example what is Priority and Severity ?

High Priority and  High Severity

High Priority and Low Severity

Low Priority and  High Severity

Low Priority and  low Severity

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Hi All,

Basically in terms of qa testing services priority means scheduling, and “severity” means standards.

“Priority” means require prior attention; a precedence established by order of importance (or urgency).

“Severity” is the state or quality of being severe; severe implies adherence to rigorous standards or high principles and often suggests harshness

The words priority and severity do come up in bug tracking.

Below are examples of priority and severity:

#1) High Severity and High Priority

The system crashes after you made the payment or when you are not able to add the items to the Cart, this defect is marked as High Severity and High Priority defect.

#2) High Priority and Low severity

In the Online shopping website, when the FrontPage logo is spelled wrong, for example instead of Flipkart it is spelled as Flipkrta.

#3) High Severity and Low Priority
In a social networking site, if a beta version of a new feature is released with not many active users using that facility as of today. Any defect found on this feature can be classified as a Low priority as the feature takes back seat due to business classification as not important.

#4) Low Severity and Low priority
If the privacy policy of the website has a spelling mistake, this defect is set as Low Severity and Low priority.

Hope this information will help you for better understanding of Priority and Severity

Dear Anand,

Thanks for your reply.

Different bug tracking systems offer us different ways of describing the severity and priority of the report bug, only the meaning of these fields remains unchanged. Everyone knows a bug tracker like Atlassian JIRA. In it, starting with some version instead of simultaneously using the Severity and Priority fields, they left only the Priority, which collected the properties of both fields: Initially, JIRA did both a Priority and a Severity field. For example, those who are used to working with JIRA qawerk.com do not always understand the difference between these concepts, as they did not have the experience of sharing them. Proceeding from personal experience, I insist on the separation of these concepts, and more precisely on the use of both Severity and Priority fields, since the meaning invested in them is different:

Severity is an attribute that characterizes the effect of a defect on an application’s performance.

Priority is an attribute that indicates the order of the task or the elimination of the defect. It can be said that this is a work planning manager tool. The higher the priority, the faster the defect needs to be corrected.


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