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Need help for testing Username and Password field based on some conditions

What are the possible combinations for testing username and password?


Conditions are:-

password must be unique.

password must contain minimum of 6 characters.

password must not contain all lowercase or uppercase letters.


Here username is email address.


And what are the conditions for Testing change password field?

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Plz rply testers......


Conditions for checking User Name and Password


1) Condition for UserName and Password

    1)UserName should allow aplhanumeric character(0-9 , a-z, A-Z) and Special Charcter (.,_ ,-,@) can be restricted.


   2) UserName should not allow special character like space " ".


    3) password must contain minimum of 4 to 6 characters based on user requirement.


    4) Password should not allow special character like space " ".



it really depends on the security level of teh application. The one that I test has no such specification.

If I have to test then here are a few generally accepted conditions that I would check besides what Ravi has noted.

- Email address has to be a valid email id(check for the format)

- password should not ideally contain only special characters, its usually a alphanumeric.

- May be the password should not contain first or last name or the email id.


Test case for Email id:

1:Login field accept valid email id.

2:login field should not blank if blank a validation message should display that login field is required.

Email id should not start with special char or number

it accept proper format like xyz@abc.com

in email field only one @ should accept

For Password field.

1: Password field should accept six char like :AbcdeF

2: Password field should not blank

3:As per requirement password should be unique if enter same password a message should display this password is already exist please try with another

4:password should not accept all lower or all Upper case.

like abcdef or ABCDEF

5:passowrd should be encrypted 

6: Password should accept combination of like AbcdeF

try SQL injection in username and password....


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