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Share any Documents related to Mobile Applicaiton (APPS) tesing ?



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Here are few mind-maps that I would like to share,

Mobile Testing In a Nutshell: http://apps.testinsane.com/mindmaps/Mobile-Testing-In-a-Nutshell

iOS Apps Testing: http://apps.testinsane.com/mindmaps/iOS-Apps-Testing

You can find more mindmaps at http://apps.testinsane.com/mindmaps/

General Testing scenarios in Mobile Application Testing:

  • Connectivity testing- Identify the network connection. 3G/Wifi/Edge

  • Compatibility testing- Check the application with different OS and devices

  • Cross platform testing -Identify the OS and also identify if the device has any cross platform OS installed. Example- 3Gs phone with iOS

  • Orientation testing- Test the Application with landscape and portrait mode

  • Interruption testing- Test the application with following interruption

    • Incoming call(when testing in the middle of the app)

    • Receiving incoming call(when testing in the middle of the app)

    • Receiving message(when testing in the middle of the app)

    • Device shutdown(when testing in the middle of the app)

    • Remove battery(when testing in the middle of the app)

    • Camera activated(when testing in the middle of the app)

    • Lose network connectivity and then regain it(when testing in the middle of the app)

  • Installation / Un-installation of the application

etc lot more scenarios are there to test mobile applications. 

refer this URL it may helpful 2 u http://www.slideshare.net/rahulbluffmaster/mobile-applications-testing

May be I can add about "How to choose automation tools for mobile apps?"

Here is the detailed insights on MonkeyTalk, MonkeyRunner and Appium mobile automation tool - Please read more at https://testinsane.com/blog/our-insight-on-mobile-test-automation-t...

Here are few links about Mobile apps testing:

1)http://bit.ly/1OI5esN(mobile apps testing).

2)http://bit.ly/1IqFPEM(blog on mobile testing).

3) http://bit.ly/1jwmINF(blog on mobile testing).

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