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Please I need a help? If anybody know the answer please suggest me....This is my task

Q- Design test cases - making a cup of tea

Document should be written from perspective of testing not development

documents detailing - how to make a cup of tea including necessary viewpoint from testing perspective.

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Hi as per quality assurance services please find below the importance of test cases in testing :

Test cases play a important role as it contains positive a well as negative coverage of Stories given by Dev team to QA. A TEST CASE basically contains condition or variables under which a tester will determine whether a system under test satisfies requirements and is working correctly.
The process of developing test cases help in finding bugs as here we compares Actual Result with the Expected one. Also with this there is surety of full coverage of requirements mentioned in the stories. Test cases help in identifying the ways in which users interact with the system to achieve a specific results.



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