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What is the difference between Low and High level test cases?

What is the difference between Low and High level test cases?


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As per QA Term,


High Level test cases are developed over the architecture of system including major scenario or module input & output requirements and should be written on assumption, no prefix value is written in testcase (generalized tests). Purpose is to just review whether top requirement is covered and working or not.


Low Level test cases are developed with specific inner functional requirements and should be written with taking typical input and output predefined test data inside the input and expected columns. It shows inner requirement is properly covered and working with given inputs.

The context of this is not clear but my take on a high level test case would be identified in a test strategy prior to opening the stream. The high level test cases articulate test areas, tools, resources, hardware to put a value to cost of execution. 

The low level test cases are in the test plan expanding in detail the test strategy high level view.


In a different context the low level test cases could be identified as interface testing between the modules where the high level testing looks at them as a product.

Hi Neeru,

Simple to say

High Level Test Case is nothing which covers the major scenario which depends on the project.

Low level Test case is nothing which covers the minor scenario which depends on the project.

For example: If u take Registration form, it will contain

FirstName with text box, LastName with text  box, Date of birth with drop combox box, Address with text box

so on.....and in the bottom u will get control like Save, Register Now, Cancel, Reset etc. right


Writing Test case for Saving, Register Now, Cancel, Reset are High level Test Cases

Writing Test case for Boundry value analysis, Equivalence Partition are called Low leve Test Cases

Got it.





Smart Explanation Firoz.

Hi Neeru Rajput,

forget to add some more low leve test cases... include test cases for font name, font size, font colour,

Text box background colour,Label background colour, Page background colour.


With Warm Regards,


Thanks Firoz and every1 for such a nice explanation..

hi firoz

 low level test cases related to unit testing and integration testing

 high level test cases related to system testing, acceptance testing

is it right or wrong?



faroz is correct and all of them are shit i wil go with faroz

Hi Santosh,

Pls don't say shit to others, it will hurt them.


With Warm Regards,


to add here, when we discuss with clients/PMS, we need to tell them what is QA planning to do on that certain area, some companies include high level cases in their test plan as test strategy and its a good practice. Now when we need to write a test case document we need to make each case so simple that anyone can understand, so we need to write at a granular level, which is nothing but low level test cases

smart explanation Firoz, Firoz can u plz explain abt QA process

reddy prasad



Hi Prasad,

QA is a big process, being in the office i can't type and send u right.

shoot a mial to my id: faroz2003@gmail.com

I'll type and send u.Don't mistake me


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