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Interview Question - Is manual tester survive in current Software Industry without Automation?

Is manual tester survive in current Software Industry without Automation?

Can any one answer to this question

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To Improve your carrier opportunities at some point you need to upgrade yourself to automation. Where as you can see now a days everything is automated & comes with Robotic Process. So, truly you can update to automation for your carrier opportunities or else you need to stick on to the same old position as Manual tester or else you can make a change of course as BA and continue as both the roles are similar at some point. 

Definitely, logical thinking and an unique skillset to test an application is what a tester not the capability to write code to automate. So, there is a huge possibility for manual testers to survive in the software testing industry only when they empower themselves with domain knowledge and with the ability to comprehend complexity of different applications. Read an insightful article on 'The Uncovered Importance of Manual Testers For Software Quality Ass...'

Manual Testing openings are still in bounty when you take a total disregard of the whole IT sector. There are n number of IT organizations that have different discharges each year and no item in this world is ever sold without a Quality Check. So you can simply envision the quantity of analyzers they require. That infers Manual Testing has a decent degree.

Yet, many organizations now request analyzers who know Automation and additionally Manual. To spare Time, Resources and Money, this is the new system that organizations take after now a days.

However, Manual Testers can investigate your application in ways that mechanized tests can't. As a general rule, that investigation will reveal a bigger number of bugs than the computerized tests can (or should). Additionally Automation can do things that sets aside a considerable measure of opportunity to be done physically.

So if you are thinking about Manual Testing alone the degree is less. Yet, in the event that you know both Manual and also Automation, the degree is high and in addition openings.

Very difficult to survive only with Manual Testing in current IT industry. So better upgrade your self with AUTOMATION..

I think AI is the future so Manual testers upgrade to RPA.


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