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How long can a person survives in IT industry with manual testing skills. Since I am in Manual testing from last 3 years and also doing good, but my concern is should any one survives in IT industry with manual testing skills only or this is required to switch to automation or some other tools for better growth ?

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Manual testing can never be replaced. However, from time to time, testing organizations do get pressured to decrease the human capital costs by implementing efficient automation frameworks for faster, efficient and effective test reporting. 

If you are doing manual testing for the past 3 years and are great at it, then perhaps try reading into QTP to get a feel of the power of automation. That would be the next great step

yes, if we aim at business knowledge of application, we can go to BA role and so on..




I think this post will clear your doubts - http://milinpatel17.wordpress.com/2014/07/04/life-is-too-short-for-...

The future in manual testing can be seen all around, people want software that meets their business needs, and they expect that software to be predictable, as with all machines. What better way to know what your software does than by testing it?

The most of testing roles seem to be hybrids. This means that the tester must be cross-functional and know both manual testing, a programming language, and a test automation framework. For this type of job opportunity, the competition is low. Many times, the recruiters cannot find people qualified and positions stay open for a long time.

Sadly, many people, including many testers, (still) view testing as what ISTQB and other certification schemes claim it to be: the design and execution of possible/likely scenarios where software can go wrong based on what is stated in a requirements document. In other words: error guessing, based on an old statement of what the software should do, instead of finding new information about what the software actually does so it can be shared with the stakeholders.


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