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Do you know how a product based testing differs from a project based testing? Can you give a suitable example?


Do you know how a product based testing differs from a project based testing? Can you give a suitable example?

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The difference between project and product in software testing is the same type of difference which exists in any other project and product. This is like comparing apples and oranges, they are different in matter, form and design among some of the qualities they possess. The only sameness lies in the fact both are food, both are fruit.

Project and product testing is done at different times; however, the intent of testing is the same. A project has as its purpose to create a product. A product is the result of project. In reality a project is basically a plan for the design, architecture and development of software. Testing is part of a project and for those projects aimed at the creation of good software testing begins when the project begins and continues through the duration of the project. Projects are determined by the need or needs of others to possess a product, which will maximize the uses, for which it is intended.

Project managers and teams come together to design, and develop software. They ask questions and determine the answer through the use of applications, computer language, codes, etc. The act of designing, building and developing software is called a project. The end result of the project is the product, in this case software. The quality of the software continues to be tested, even after it is on the market and being used by those for whom it was intended.

The purpose of software testing beginning with the initiation of a project to build software is to produce a good product, which is the goal of a project. Testing begins and ends with good software, software that keeps it's promise over a long duration. In users terms good software works and makes the users work easier. Good projects lead to good products and consistent testing is the key to good products.

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The onset of the Technological Revolution has ushered in an era of customized approach. The sphere could be that of business or education or research. Every operation is specifically controlled and maneuvered via special software available in the market. Each software package is unique in function and application. There is dedicated software available for every industry, to enhance growth and productivity and in turn, profit.

Software projects are operations enhancing and specific. The software projects are designed to address a number of industry requirements that can now be done in-house and without supervision. Some of the software projects include:

Timesheets: The software project logs in employee work hours and movement.
Defect Tracking: This software project helps in debugging for customer support.
Mail Notification: The essential customer follow-ups and updates are taken care of by this software project.

Software products are customized products for certain business operations. They take over the responsibility for the working of the system. Some of the software products include anti-virus scan, Firewall, workstation software, application development software, printing, imaging, IT management software and many more.

In software testing, it is first determined and why. The testing of the product involves a specific function, while that of a project involves the specific operation design.

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Product based company develops the applications for Global clients i.e. there is no specific clients. Here requirements are gathered from market and analyzed with experts.
Project based company develops the applications for the specific client. The requirements are gathered from the client and analyzed with the client.
Project based testing: means test engineers will test
the application for one time. Its one time testing only. In
project based testing we are going to develop the
application for another company purpose and they only will use.

Product based testing: Its repeatitive. Like
Microsoft windows
win 95/98/xp now we r going to vista. all the past features
shoudld tested with also the new enhancements. its
repetitive task. In product based company we r developing
the application for another company and that application
will be used by the endusers.


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