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In my case -- we already have a running desktop product and now our new product is web-based which will be talking to the same DB.

1. What kind of databse testing needs to be done? What all to check?

2. What documents would I require to start?

3. Does anybody have any sample test cases /queries which they can share?

Help much appreciated

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Hi Anushri,

Here you can get all the db testing, dw testing, etl testing concepts.


Let me know still you need any help.



Thanks ..

As our primary product(10+ years old) is already in prod and we are developing a web based version .. what all documents do I need to start testing. FYI-- I have never done the frontend DB testing for the primary application. 

I would need the structure of the DB.. ?

Do we have any sample test cases

theoretically, if I just pass data from either of the systems if I see the data in either system and I am able to manipulate data from either seamlessly it would be a good test. But is that enough?

I hope you are only upgrading Application not the database.
You need to check Data base structure as well as Database mapping document.

Now you can divide testing in two parts :
1> Data base testing
2>Database Testing wrt to Application

For DB testing : User rights , function , procedure , index , keys , Triggers etc..
For DB Testing wrt to Application : Check mapping of component , data insert in DB , Data updation , Data retrival etc..

We are not upgrading the DB

1. can you guide me for the DB testing.

2. Also, what do you mean by mapping of component -- my understanding for ex. in our old application name in the registration screen maps to the Name col in  Identifier table, so in the web app the name should also match to the same col ..

1. DB testing - There are multiple cases like User creation , access of Users to right DB / Table , primary and forign key check , stored procedure check.

So as you are not changing anything in database so i hope only value creation and retrieval of data from DB to front end is important.  

So just check right column updated in db when you insert data from frontend .

Use query to fetch values from DB and verify UI showing correct data or not.

2.  You are correct. Mapping of application component to db columns. sometimes multiple application component used the one table or column. 


Thanks Naveen much appreciated!

My expectation is that you need to focus on web applications testing primarily from end-user perspective. You need to do separate database testing only if you did Load Testing of your application and identified database to be the bottleneck. 

If this is the case you might want to test the database separately to assess different queries and/or configurations. You can use Apache JMeter which comes with JDBC Request sampler allowing execution of arbitrary database queries and measuring response times. See The Real Secret to Building a Database Test Plan With JMeter article for more information on databases load testing.


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