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Can any one share the Difference b/w Bug Tracking Applications & bug tracking tool?

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From my interpretation, it is one and the same.
Application and tool are no different things... Both are Same.. So plz don't confust with it.
Thanks to every one !

There are following tools for tracking the bugs

Defect ID:

Defect Description:

Product Version:

As per software testing services,

Bug tracking tool, is used by Software testers/engineers to keep record of issues found while testing.

Bug tracking system provides a centralized view of all requests raised by Business team, Developers,Management and Testers.

Whenever a new issue bug raised in a bug tracking tool,every stakeholder have access to it.

Some of the best tools are JIRA,TFS,Mantis,BUg Zilla

Whereas, Bug tracking application ,keeps track of issues found by QA engineers/testers only.  

Advantages of using Bug tracking tool

1. It provides a common platform to all stakeholders.

2. We can perform statistical analysis using bug tracking tools

3. We can generate reports using bug tracking tools



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