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Hi all,

I'm starting to work as a QA tester and I would like you to recommend me one Automation tool with good exception handling.

Best regards,
R. Ferreiro

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Hi There,

Before moving to Automation testing using any tool, make sure you have sound knowledge and hands-on exposure of any one of the programming language like Java, C++ or python now days.
One of the popular open source Automation tool with good exception handling is Selenium Web-Driver using Java language. This tool is for automating web applications. It aims to provide a friendly API that's easy to explore and understand, which will help to make your tests easier to read and maintain.

Exception handling refers to the detection and resolution of programming application errors. So your Selenium automated test should be able to fail, but not because of exceptions that are thrown. If your test is failing from exceptions like null pointer then quite likely you have no exception handling.

Simple example would be to use Try Catch method using Java language:
A method catches an exception using a combination of the try and catch keywords. Try is the start of the block and Catch is at the end of try block to handle the exceptions. A try/catch block is placed around the code that might generate an exception. Syntax for using try/catch looks like the following:

        // Some code
    }catch(Exception e){
        // Code for Handling the exception

To learn more on how automation can optimize your automation testing services and increase the productivity, please refer to below link:

Hope this information will help you.

Anand Singh


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