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Can anybody help me in knowing why Automation testing is required and what tools I need to explore in this context?


I recently switched to Automation testing from Manual testing. Can anybody help me in knowing why Automation testing is required and what tools I need to explore in this context?


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I don't recommend any tools yet. Test automation is close to programming. So you should learn programming first. Good languages are e.g. Java or Python. Learning the programming language is much like walking. And test automation is much like running. So to do good test automation you should know programming. Sorry about this bad news. 

Then why test automation? Think for awhile how many times you'd like to test same form. 1? 2? 10 times? And how soon you'll skip whole form. Also the speed. If nightly build is done at 11pm, and test results are at 7am, it's very nice for developers. And they get regression testing done every night. Or even better - the can get regression testing after every commit to the version control. 


Learn the programming language Java, Java Script, VBScript & Phython first. after that you can learn Functional /Performance testing tool.




Below mentioned points can benefits to any software testing company
1 ROI-Big initial investment and the return of that investment is a long-term one and it will also save time
2 Running tests 24/7
3 Fewer human resources.
4 Reusability:No need of creating new scripts even if the version of the OS changes etc.
5 Bugs: Helps in finding the bugs in the early stages of software development
6 Reliability:Automated testing is more reliable and quicker when running boring repetitive standardized tests which can not be skipped, ever, but may cause errors when manually tested.
7 Simultaneity:Test more devices simultaneously resulting in comparative detailed reports generated in less time with the exact the same parameters, because the exact same scripts were run.
8 Continuity:Automated testing helps testers, as they can see exactly what other engineers have done, what scripts he has already written and what tests have already been performed and what bugs were already found and fixed, through clear reports.
9 Additional methods:One of the these methods is the stress test in which the capacities of the application and operational infrastructure will be tested to it’s limits with stress test, which can’t be done manually.
10 Volume:Allows to run tests on thousands of mobile devices where ad testing all of them manually would be impossible!

Below are the automation tools used:
1 Telerik Test Studio
2 Selenium
3 Robotium
4 TestComplete
5 Watir
6 Visual Studio Test Professional
8 SoapUI
Hope this information helps you for moving forward in automation

Purpose of Automation - 1.To reduce regression testing time 2.To make sure the existing application functionalities are working fine during


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