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hi testers


I want some good test cases for Shopping Cart to test nearly all Functionality,Security issues...



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Below is the list of test cases used while providing the qa services/functional testing services to test E-Commerce websites:
1) Add an item to cart –> cart should be updated with selected item with correct name, image, rating and price
2) Update (Increase/Decrease) the quantity of items in cart – quantity and price should be updated accordingly
3) Check whether add/remove item and quantity buttons or links are functioning correctly
4) Shopping cart should not contain duplicate items, there should be one item in cart and only the quantity and the total price should get updated accordingly
5) Clicking an item in the cart should display more information about the product in a pop-up window or redirect to product page
6) Check that the shipping charges,tax,packing price etc are calculated correctly
7) Check whether valid Coupons are applied successfully and the discount amount is deducted from total payable amount
8) Check that the price of the cart is not discounted on applying an invalid or expired coupon
9) Make sure to check all the available Payment types e.g. Credit Card, Paypal, Bank Transfers, Installments, etc
10) In case customer saves their Credit/Debit Card Details; make sure that they securely stored

Hope this information will help you.

Anand Singh


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