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hi testers


I want some good test cases for Shopping Cart to test nearly all Functionality,Security issues...



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Some of the test cases can be :

1) Shopping cart holds the items till the session is active. As soon as session is closed the shopping cart should be refreshed.

2) Shopping cart should not contain duplicate items, although user can add quantities of the product to be purchased

3) Users should be able to delete items from shopping cart and those deleted items should not be proceeded for further payment

4) Shopping cart should contain the price of the product, its name and link to the product's details

5) Shopping cart should display all the products which user wants to purchase




The possible test cases for shopping cart are as follows:

1)To check whether the added product is correctly displaying..some times.. may be some other product can appear...

2)Is there any cross selling product that means..if we buy one product then we must buy that cross selling product.

3)In shopping cart,whether it is calculating the price correctly or not(The price of the cross selling product should be included)

4)Check whether it is calculating the shipping charges,tax,packing price etc correctly(See admin settings for these..the fixed ones are calculating or not-some times the admin fix-Rs20 for shipping...it will display like Rs60 in cart)

5)Check how many times the cross selling products are appearing in the lists...of cart..

6)check whether the special offers (optional)if selected means they also should include in cart.

7)Check whether the transaction is done properly or not.


Plz correct me and excuse me if any mistakes r there..and tell me more cases..

Thanks and Regards,


Testing trainee(1month exp)


Hi vijetha,


Thanks 4 good test cases. But i would like to correct you in one aspect. First of all transaction is properly done or not is not a case of a cart. Cart only displays the items which user wishes to buy.

2) Can you please explain me the concept of Cross selling product. As far as i know, every product id appear only once in the shopping cart. However there is a option of quantity in the cart where user can add quantities of the particular product he wish to buy. This figure is numeric.

Further please tell me any other test cases.




Anjali Vaswani


Thanks for adding ur comments...

Cross selling product-This is not the user desired product.It comes along with the desired product.I personally exp with one flowers delivery website.For ex:If we want 1 wedding basket(Rs100) then the cross selling product may be some fruit basket(Rs30).In cart it should calculate for both i.e Rs130.First only it will show you that if u want that ..means u have to buy this also...

             That cross selling product should not contain any duplicates...it should add only once in cart.If added twice means we can check in quantity field...but what happens is ...it will add like a another product with same name(quantity willl show u one).Only some products in cart means ..we can identify that....but more means ...not easy to find out...we need to check that..

                For some products the cross selling products may be 10.Those 10 are like small products with very less rates.Business people like to add the less order products to cross selling products list.Some products have more orders....and some products have very very less orders.This less ordered product is added to the more ordered product as a cross selling one...ofcourse with some less rate......


Correct me if any mistakes are there....

Thanks & regards,



you can check below scenarios, it might be very usefull


1. Check whether you are able to add items to cart 

2. Check for edit, delete,save option.

3. Check whether you are able to proceed to checkout. 

4. Check whether clicking on add to cart button takes the user to cart page or not 

5. Check whether quantity button is present etc etc

Note: For each scenario you need to write many test cases.





Very Useful. Have a look at these documents attached.
Thanks for adding docs.....
Very helpful docs Subramanian...... :)
I cant see the attached docs?



hmmmm,the attached docs gives all the total details of the shopping chat from top to bottom. Quite impressive.


Even all other test cases are also good and if we combine all these points then most of the content is covered from the docs.

Thanks Subramanian for the documents. These were really impressive test cases and almost all the scenarios are covered.




Anjali Vaswani

Thanks to all for such useful  details.


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