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5 Reasons to Choose an Independent Software Testing Services Company

There is no denying the fact that software testing is an integral part of the software development process. However, there was a time when having a software testing team was considered a burden and a source of over expenditure. This is the prime reason why companies have invited a lot of unhappy customers and have also dissolved their brand image. By overlooking software testing, companies bear the extra cost and reduce their profits. Also, it affects the overall reputation of the company in the market.

The only drawback software testing comes with is the cost. Let’s face it, the cost of software testing is on the higher side. However, software testing is an investment for companies as it gives the ability to launch a fool-proof application. Now, the question arises whether one should consider an in-house QA or outsource the QA to an independent software testing company? The answer is very simple, keeping in-house QA resources can sometimes become unreliable as the resources that have created the software can overlook some of the bugs while a whole new set of eyes will catch all the bugs.

Here are the advantages of choosing an independent software testing company.

  1. Less Management Struggle
  2. Quality of testing
  3. Contact with the best testing capability
  4. Eliminate Hardware Set up Cost:
  5. Time to Market

Ahare your views also...

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I just come through your blog while searching more about the software testing. Read your blog and love the way you have implemented the unique content about software testing and another testing related information. Thanks for sharing this and I will wait for your next updates. Keep it up!


software qa services


Most of the Organization contacts separate top software testing companies due to following Benefits:

1 Cost Efficiencies
2 Impartial and Autonomous Results
3 Access to Best Practices
4 Improved Efficiency and Focus
5 Security Measures

Further the above points are also the benefits that are considered by the top organization while contracting with the independent software testing company

Software testing companies are saving your budget and time on finding and hiring testing engineers. All you need is to choose a company, based on its experience, projects, and testimonials, decide with the testing type you need and sign a contract with a company. QA outsourcing is very popular now, especially in the US and European countries, that prefer to work with Ukrainian companies. That's why Ukraine is the 1st outsourcing market in Eastern Europe, and I heard many positive reviews on outsourcing to this country. 


Yes, its absolutely correct. I totally agree with your point that you cannot have a blind faith on your In house resources for ensuring the quality of the product. Most of the companies, due to  high competence and hurry in releasing the product tend to compromise with the software quality which results in downfall or less customers and sales.

At this situation outsource a third-party testing team will prove a savior for them. One can easily know the must need to outsource a software testing company from this example: There is a short-term project with limited functionality; both the testers and developers start working on this project. As the project progresses, the project becomes more complex than what was actually planned. Now the budget and resources are limited, the approaching deadline and overworked resources could be the major reason for the project’s downfall. At this point, the third-party testing team becomes a savior. 

Even, many studies reveal that ‘Half of the development effort is spent on testing’, therefore, outsourcing relieves the companies from expensive functions thereby reducing the operational costs. In results, companies get considerable revenue gains, increased product quality, high efficiency and productivity of a company through outsourcing third party QA team.



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