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Please explain my question in detailed


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Testing is to find errors or bugs and it is done by Tester

Debugging is to remove errors or bugs and it is done by programmer

The appropriate definition of testing is that " Testing is the process of executing a program with the intent of finding errors."
Because never test a program to show that it works, rather start any program with valid asumption
that the program conains errors.

Debugging is a process that begins when one finds an error as a result of a successful test case.
This process consists of:
(1) the determination of the exact nature and location of an suspected error within the program.
i.e. the error locating process.
(2) fixing the errors.i.e. error- Repairing

Both TESTING and DEBUGGING raises the RELIABILITY of the progam.

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Debugging is a process of line by line execution(White Box Testing) of the code/script with the intent of finding errors/ fixing the defects.

Testing is a process of finding the defects from a user perspective(Black Box Testing).
Debugging and testing are different.
Testing can show failures that are caused by defects.
Debugging is the development activity that identifies the cause of a defect, repairs the code and checks that the defect has been fixed correctly.
Subsequent confirmation testing by a tester ensures that the fix does indeed resolve the failure.
The responsibility for each activity is very different, i.e. testers test and developers debug..
Testing is the performed by tester with the intent of finding a bug in an application. Upon finding a bug, the tester will be reporting it to development team.

Debugging is the act of fixing the bugs that is reported by either the testing team or by the end users. Debugging is done by the development team
Debugging: The process of finding and removing the causes of failures in software. The role is performed by a programmer.

Testing is the process of exercising or evaluating a system or system component by manual or automated means to verify that it satisfies specified requirements, or to identify differences between expected and actual results
Big difference is that debugging is conducted by a programmer and the programmer fix the errors during debugging phase.

Tester never fixes the errors, but rather find them and return to programmer.

Testing: Basically, testing is a process of exploring the system to find defects present in the software, and not only that, this process has to locate the defects and define what will happen once these defects occur. This process is performed in the testing phase by testing team, and after this phase, they will report to the developer team to debug. Some popular testing tools: SeleniumKatalon StudioTestComplete,…

Debugging: Once Development team received the report from the testing team, they will start debugging. The purpose of this phase is to locate the bug and rids the software of it. It is a one-off process and is done manually. In this process, a special tool called debugger is used in locating the bugs, most of the programming environments have the debugger. Some popular Debugger tools: WinDbgOllyDbgIDA Pro,

Source:  Differences between Testing & Debugging

Hi Juliet,

Testing is performed to find defects/ bugs in the software.

Debugging is performed to find, analyze and remove the cause of defects, bugs or failure in the software.

Kindly share your valuable comments on above.



Hi Juliet,

Hope you are doing great!!!

To answer your above question, let me explain you the difference in terms of software qa services provided in industry:

Testing: The purpose of Testing is to find bug(s) and check if the system is working as desired or not. This activity is conducted by the QA Tester to identify the bugs in the system; which can be performed either manually or using automation tool.

After this, the bugs are reported for the failed cases and communicated to the developer team for debugging and fixing. After the valid bugs are fixed, then tester retest that bug to check if the issue is fixed or still exist.

Debugging: The process of identifying root cause of the bugs is known as Debugging. This activity is performed by the developers to fix bugs in the system. 

Based on the bugs reported, developer analyzes the root cause of bug; look for loopholes in the code to make the system defect free. After fixing the defect, developer send back the defect to a tester for retesting.

Hope above information helps you!!!


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